Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Project

Parramatta Rd Urban Amenity Improvement Project


The Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP) is a $198 million initiative to stimulate the transformation of the Corridor. The purpose of the public art framework is to encourage investment in placemaking, through high quality integrated public art along the Parramatta Rd Corridor.

A key objective is the creation of liveable spaces where public art plays an important role.  The framework identified types of public art specifically suited to the Corridor and focuses on building a case for investment as well as on providing practical information on best practice public art commissioning.

Client: Dept Planning, Industry and Environment + Create NSW

Location: Sydney NSW

“Taking the lead from our Darug community we understand culture has an all-encompassing role. Aboriginal people and Indigenous peoples around the world see culture as part of a holistic unified system that has song, dance, ceremony, ritual as the foundations of their knowledge systems including land and water management – they are inseparable.”

Culture and our City: A Cultural Plan for Parramatta’s CBD 2017-2022

Lachlan's Line Sydney

Lachlan's Line

Skipping Stones by Jade Oakley

Skipping Stones evokes memories of water, play and interaction. The installation of 22 hand cast concrete stones, etched with native fauna and scattered around a reflective creek, is part of a new residential development at Macquarie Park in Sydney. The work encourages interaction especially for children and creates strong ties with the local landscape.

Creative Road worked with Jade Oakley to manage complex artwork logistics from prototyping to fabrication and installation of the various material components.  The final work incorporates programmed in ground lighting, bespoke metal grates and a bridge element.

Client: Greenland Australia

Location: Macquarie Park, NSW

“Rather than creating an obvious wide and straight path between the stones, I have allowed for access in a meandering way, so that it is as though people become the water, flowing between the stones.”

Jade Oakley

Australian National University

Australian National University

Una by Wolfgang Buttress


Commissioned for the new medical science precinct in collaboration with Lyons Architects and astrophysicist Dr. Daniel Bayliss of ANU.  Una is a highly polished 4m diameter stainless steel sphere featuring 9,100 laser cut perforations which accurately map the stars visible to the naked eye in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, which are laser cut according to their luminosity.

The inner sphere reflects rays of light, adding a magical dimension to the artwork experience. Peering through the perforation of a single ‘star’ the viewer is suddenly captivated by a field of cosmic vision. The highly polished inner sphere reflects tiny rays of light filtering through the outer ball. Bouncing off the polished inner surfaces, the effect, at different times of the day, reveals a beautiful and entirely different universe.

Client:                                   Australian National University

Location:                              ANU Medical Precinct, Canberra ACT

Photography:                       Ben Wrigley

UNA expresses the essence of the immediate scientific, built and natural environment. It also asks questions about our relation with and suggests the enormity and untouchable presence of the stars. You can see but you cannot touch. We are contextual but also transient.” Wolfgang Buttress

ACT Law Courts

ACT Law Courts

Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley


Creative Road worked with Australian artist Jade Oakley and Axolotl Art Projects to deliver a large scale artwork for the new ACT Law Courts. Jade’s artwork, Scribbly Gum references the local landscape and is integrated into a curvaceous balustrade wall.

The artwork comprises a series of wooden panels inspired by the curved, intersecting lines of Canberra’s iconic Scribbly Gum trees.  The curves also relate to the shape of the wall itself, which undulates and references the surrounding landscape.  Light is used in Scribbly Gum to create a visually dynamic artwork, as bright points of light appear to slowly weave their way through the curvaceous maze of scribbles. The gradual, glowing movement of these lights creates a sense of time passing and a feeling of calm, like watching a fire or shadows passing over the landscape.

Client:                   ACT Government

Location:              Canberra City, ACT

“The Scribbly Gum also lends the artwork a light touch as it reminds us of the wonder of nature, and nature’s sense of humour. The whimsical patterns on the scribbly bark bring to mind childhood, and time spent in the bush. It is a reminder of our native land, the place that grounds us and links us together. It is a symbol of the culture and landscape to which we belong.” Jade Oakley

Surfers Paradise Esplanade

Surfers Paradise Esplanade

All Eyes On Us: The Commonwealth Star by Stuart Green


Artist Stuart Green was commissioned to create a bold sculptural marker in celebration of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Creative Road developed the brief, researched potential artists, and managed the artist selection process.  Our role involved liaising with Council staff and project managing the artist and artwork delivery over six months to ensure the artwork was installed in time for the Games.

Client:                   City of Gold Coast

Location:              The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast, QLD

Photography:       Callie Marshall

All Eyes on Us, The Commonwealth Star is a GC2018 commission through the City of Gold Coast and Queensland Government.

“A moment of spontaneous celebration when the Commonwealth’s attention turned to the Gold Coast. This star-like sculpture reflects the colours, bursting form and vitality of tropical flowers, along with surfboards that symbolise the vibrant coastal culture.” Stuart Green

1 Denison St North Sydney

1, Denison St, North Sydney


Creative Road are managing delivery of Chroma Haze a major outdoor public artwork by celebrated Australian artist Nike Savvas. 1 Denison St is a 37-level A grade commercial office tower in North Sydney CBD. In collaboration with Bates Smart and Aspect Studios, our team identified potential artworks sites, managed artist shortlisting, concept design and final artist selection. Working within North Sydney Council’s public art guidelines, our team prepared DA required public art plans.  Installation is scheduled for Sept 2020.


Client:                   Winten Property Group

Location:              North Sydney, NSW

Home Of The Arts Gold Coast

Home Of The Arts

The Tower Project by MOMO


Renowned American artist MOMO and Creative Road were selected as the winning team in an international competition to deliver a new artwork for Home of the Arts (HOTA), the new cultural precinct on the Gold Coast.  Australian artists Georgia Hill and Elliott Routledge worked alongside MOMO to deliver the large scale work in just two weeks. The project was documented by filmmaker Selina Miles.

The project included MOMO teaching a Practical Geometry Workshop to 20 aspiring Gold Coast artists – all who were eligible for a mentorship and mural commission opportunity.  Gold Coast artist Katie Tooth was selected to develop an interior artwork concept for the HOTA’s interior under the guidance of MOMO and Creative Road.

Client:                   City of Gold Coast

Location:              HOTA, Gold Coast QLD

Photography:       Callie Marshall

"This region is gorgeous. As I adjusted to the sights and summer, I felt I had to make small adjustments in the mural, to be even sunnier and bolder, to try to match what I’ve seen. The fact that you can swim next to the mural is really next level." MOMO

Dorrigo Town Centre

Dorrigo Town Centre

Water Cloud by Stuart Green

A large-scale public artwork is being proposed for the main street of Dorrigo, a town of approximately 1000 residents in the Bellingen Shire, NSW. Dorrigo sits 731 metres above sea level and is known for its world heritage listed national park and waterfalls.

The project is being funded by a local philanthropist and long-time resident who is passionate about revitalising the town centre and promoting cultural tourism. Creative Road have been engaged to oversee all aspects of the project through to practical completion.

Three professional public artists – Belinda Smith, Braddon Snape and Stuart Green - developed concepts for a large-scale, eye-catching contemporary sculpture referencing Dorrigo's natural environment. The selection panel which comprised Dorrigo residents, artists and Bellingen Shire’s mayor - selected Stuart Green's Water Cloud.

Client: Private Collector

Location: Dorrigo, NSW

“The artwork seeks to make the dynamism of water - the character and quality of its movement - visible in the form of the artwork. It seeks to show a sliding and slippery surface that is bundled up into its own energetic knot. Through the artwork, we hope to convey something of the enduring and universal character of water".”

Stuart Green

NSW Forensic Medicine + Coroners’ Court

NSW Forensic Medicine + Coroners' Court

Mangrove by Jade Oakley


Mangrove is a suspended kinetic sculpture designed for the atrium foyer space of this important new civic building. In such a setting, it is important that the artwork responds to the gravitas of its environment. The sculpture will be visually harmonious, calming, peaceful, serving to welcome visitors to the court and improve the visual amenity for staff.

Towering ceilings and abundant natural light from the glass façade will be a striking feature of the Coroners Court foyer. Mangrove is designed to take full advantage of this natural light.

Mangroves are resilient trees, able to tolerate huge variations in salinity and temperature, coping with being flooded with sea water, living in waterlogged mud. Mangroves also shelter forms of life, providing a habitat for insects, crabs, molluscs and fish. Mangrove forests protect coastlines from erosion and storm damage.  Through the poetry of association with its namesake, Mangrove gains the connotations of resilience, shelter and protection.

Client:                                   Watpac

Location:                              Lidcombe NSW

“The artwork’s organic palette is reminiscent of mangroves and the estuarine flora of the Duck and Parramatta rivers. Ochres and greens have been allowed to blend and swirl together, reminiscent of river water.” Jade Oakley

Splendour in the Grass

Splendour in the Grass

Skywhale by Patricia Piccinini


Creative Road managed the temporary installation of Patricia Piccinini’s iconic sculptural balloon Skywhale as part of the Splendour in the Grass arts program.  The artist was excited by the opportunity to show her artwork to a new audience in a unique environment.

Skywhale provided a vibrant and memorable day and night experience for 30,000 festival goers. It generated curiosity, interest and conversations around nature, evolution, wonderment, tolerance – intuitively and playfully communicating these ideas in a highly accessible way.

Client:                                   Secret Sounds

Location:                              North Byron Parklands, NSW

Photography:                      Tao Jones

“The young Splendour audience had a special connection to Skywhale and Patricia’s work in general – thousands study and write about her art practice each year with her website attracting some 60,000 visitors every month.” Rebecca Townsend, Creative Road

Central Station Metro

Central Station Metro

Art Advisor + Program Delivery


Since 2019 Creative Road has been part of the design team delivering Sydney’s Central Station $955m Urban Transformation.  Working with Laing O’Rourke and architecture firms Woods Bagot and John McAslan and Partners, our role is to work within Transport for NSW’s guidelines, advise our team on public art best practice and oversee artwork design, fabrication and installation processes.  Rose Nolan, a Melbourne artist whose work has transformed trams as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, has been selected as the artist for Central Station Metro.

Client:                   Woods Bagot + Laing O'Rourke

Location:              Central Station, NSW

Central Station presents an opportunity to compliment the unique identity of the new design for the most important station in New South Wales.  Public art will reflect a transformation to the new in collaboration with the old.” Rebecca Townsend, Creative Road

Juanita Nielson Community Centre Sydney

Juanita Nielson Community Centre

Woolloomooloo by Locust Jones


In collaboration with Dominik Mersch Gallery, Creative Road worked with artist Locust Jones on the first textile public artwork to be commissioned by the City of Sydney.  Drawing upon aesthetics present in the artist’s professional practice the artwork concept was to create a hand painted linen curtain to cover a large mirror when not in use.

Imagery for the curtain was inspired by a series of artist-led collaborative drawing workshops as well as historical narratives including the centre’s namesake Juanita Nielson.  Five workshops were held; local children took inspiration from the landscape, buildings and Centre Point Tower.

Client:                                   City of Sydney

Location:                              Woolloomooloo, NSW

Photography:                       Silversalt Photography

The Juanita Nielson Public Art Curtain project began with research into Woolloomooloo: historical events, the life of Juanita Nielsen and the inhabitants of the area. This research revealed to me a vibrant place rich in stories, events and imagery.” Locust Jones

National Taiwan University Cancer Centre

National Taiwan University Cancer Centre

Kingdom of Butterflies by Jade Oakley


Jade Oakley’s latest kinetic mobile was commissioned for a long, double height, curved corridor at the heart of the new hospital.  Suspended above visitors’ heads, the artwork is uplifting and transformative, bringing to mind memories of time spent in nature.  The butterflies are painted in harmonious greens in a gentle colour gradation from turquoise to new growth green. 30 mobiles hang at a variety of heights so they appear to flutter along the corridor as through a meadow.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. In Chinese mythology, a green butterfly is a symbol of good and also represents love. This artwork takes its name from Taiwan, which is also known as the “Kingdom of Butterflies”. The butterflies in the mobile are inspired by the Catopsilia Pomona butterfly, which thrive abundantly in Taiwan.

Client:                                   Dimension Endowment of Art

Location:                              Taipei, Taiwan

“As the mobiles are designed to move, the effect of the butterfly installation will be one of gentle, constant movement, similar to watching the leaves of a tree flutter softly in the breeze, or dappled sunlight shifting in a garden. Observing gentle movement is a calming and meditative experience, which is appropriate for a place of healing.” Jade Oakley

Nepean Hospital Redevelopment

Nepean Hospital Redevelopment

Art Strategy + Program Delivery 


Creative Road have prepared the Nepean Hospital Arts and Culture Strategy in collaboration with BVN Architects to ensure art and architecture work in harmony for the $2b state significant development.  Our team are working with a range of design disciplines and stakeholders to deliver Stage 1 and Stage 2 art programs with expected completion in 2024.

For Stage 1 three artists are being commissioned.  Jade Oakley is creating a large scale suspended sculptural installation for the building’s internal courtyard void.  Nicola Moss is producing a series of botanical inspired works on paper which will be translated into super graphics for the hospital’s internal walls. Nicole Law is teaching community printmaking and collage workshops and creating a series of artworks for the hospital’s consulting rooms.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Client:                   Health Infrastructure NSW

Location:              Penrith, NSW

“Art can affect every cell in the body to create a healing physiology that changes the immune system, a person’s perceptions, attitude, emotional state, and pain perception, creating hope and positivity.”   Journal of Arts & Health

Brisbane River Art Framework

Brisbane River Art Framework


Creative Road worked with Brisbane City Council to develop a dynamic framework and build a case for investment in public art outcomes along the inner reaches of the Brisbane River. Over six months and in close consultation with stakeholders, a connected series of public artworks and cultural experiences were developed and presented in The Brisbane River Art Framework report.

Our scope included researching international benchmarks and the creation of visualisations for each of the recommended projects. Our team included specialist tourism and wayfinding consultants. Recommendations included a diverse range of complimentary art projects to activate and uplift key sites along the project site. The framework was designed to assist Council in delivering a sophisticated and innovative public domain, distinguishing Brisbane as one of the world’s great creative cities.

Client:                   Brisbane City Council

Location:              Brisbane, QLD

“Culture adds a tremendous value to a city.  Very often that value is monetary, in terms of both cultural experiences as well as the effects on the surrounding areas… but that value goes even deeper than that; it defines us as an inclusive and innovative city.” World Cities Culture Report 2015

Elysium Byron Bay


Art Strategy + Program Delivery


ELYSIUM transformed an unattractive Byron Bay CBD laneway through bold contemporary art, turning a generic service thoroughfare into a vibrant place with a unique identity. Featuring artwork by local nationally recognised artists, ELYSIUM showcases the Shire’s exceptional creative talent.  Sydney and Berlin artists also participated, collaborating with the local team, developing new creative alliances and opportunities.  Five aspiring artists were also provided with professional development skills through a mentorship program.

ELYSIUM creates a unique sense of place, improving safety, amenity and creating a light, bright and happy atmosphere.  A transformation project of this scale and calibre is a first for Byron Bay. It intentionally moved away from traditional imagery associated with the town to provide something entirely different – an immersive contemporary art experience.  The project was documented by filmmaker Selina Miles.

Client:                                   Byron Shire Council

Location:                              Lateen Lane, Byron Bay NSW

Photography:                       Callie Marshall and Tao Jones

“A dirty smelly lane is now a talked about and regularly visited connector in our town. Great work everyone.  I particularly like the road design and I feel a little naughty when I walk through the lane like I should not be there. Congratulations.” Chris Hanley Byron Bay First National Real Estate

One O'Connell St Sydney

One O'Connell St

Wintergarden by Jade Oakley


Wintergarden is a site specific kinetic artwork designed for the building’s unique atria. It provides an elegant and natural aesthetic, complimenting interior finishes and harnessing the natural sunlight within the space.  As sunlight shines through a glass ceiling above, the translucent mobile leaf shaped elements are illuminated like a stained glass window.

The artist’s aim was to achieve a sense of lightness. The design of the mobile echoes the splayed feathers of a bird’s wing or the shape of vine, fern, water and shell through pattern, repetition and variation of form. Like interlocking bird’s wings, the mobiles suggest ascent and through joyful colours and flamboyant composition they hint at celebration.

Client:                                   Lend Lease

Location:                              1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW

Photography:                       Carolyn Price

This mobile is an acrobat, balanced balletic upon a single point. The deliberately oversized loops of the balance fittings between the cross pieces reference this association. The mobile carries a sense of the impossible; a small mobile in the rotunda balances a much larger mobile in the atrium.” Jade Oakley

Polaris North Sydney

Polaris North Sydney

Untitled by Leans


Creative Road were engaged by Parkview Constructions to prepare an artist shortlist and commission a contemporary urban art treatment for their Polaris development in North Sydney’s CBD.

Brisbane based artist Leans was selected for the commission and developed an artwork concept to transform the existing laneway into an interactive space. Through the use of optical illusions, the artwork morphs and twist with each step the viewer takes.

The hand painted artwork has been applied to wall and ceiling surfaces of the laneway and public thoroughfare of the rear of the Polaris building, integrated with doors, downpipes and other architectural elements in space.

Client:                                   Parkview Constructions

Location:                              154 Pacific Highway North Sydney

Photography:                      Silversalt

"The artwork collaborates with the building’s architecture and allows the existing structures to go beyond their previous identity. Through the use of optical illusions from specific standpoints, the piece morphs and twists with each step the viewer takes, engaging the notion of movement and progression. No matter what side/angle/lens/filter the public will look at the piece through, each person will be able to take something different from it and interpret in their own way." Leans

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport


Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne engaged Creative Road to manage the commissioning of a $1m large scale kinetic artwork for a 1km site along Melbourne Airport’s new extension road – Airport Drive, Tullamarine.  Our role included preparing a strategy, artist shortlist and managing the artist selection process.

Australian artists Matthew Harding, Marion Borgelt, Simeon Nelson and Alexander Knox were engaged to prepare artwork concepts to create a sense of place and narrative for the area. Matthew Harding’s work Volare was selected as the winning concept however the project was suspended due to funding issues.

Client:                   Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne

Location:              Melbourne, VIC

We all wish to fly in some way… body, mind, spirit…my concept offers a metaphor for our transit, our comings and goings, our arrivals and destinations and our greater journey throughout life. Airports are portals to other worlds, other people, places and time. They are windows that offer a different view to the world we inhabit and are familiar with. They are as much a gateway to our city as they are a gateway to the imagination.” Matthew Harding

1000 La Trobe St Melbourne

1000 La Trobe St


Creative Road developed an integrated art strategy for a 28-story commercial building within Digital Harbour Melbourne Docklands. In collaboration with Architects Woods Bagot and Landscape Architects GBLA and in line with Development Victoria’s integrated art guidelines, the aim was to specify artworks which flow from external spaces through to the interiors of the building.

Perth artist Stuart Green is being commissioned to create two related sculptural works inspired by the industrial and rail history of the site.

Client:                   Poly Australia

Location:              Melbourne Docklands

“The site was formerly cut through with branching rail lines linking the docks to the rest of the State. The new artwork draws on the parallel character of these travel lines cutting through space to create a tall looped path in heavy metal and segmented colour. The resulting sculpture is massive but silent, with the curves having a bodily muscular sense as the eye follows the form through its swoop and tangle with the enveloping space.”

Stuart Green

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Sky Garden by Jade Oakley


Jade Oakley was commissioned to produce an ambitious large-scale public artwork for the Royal Children’s Hospital main foyer and atrium.  Technically challenging, at nine and a half meters across by four meters high and comprising five mobile elements, the work is 50 times the size of the artist’s model and is fabricated from stainless steel and hand painted perforated aluminium. The Hospital was awarded the most prestigious prize in the 2012 Australian Interior Design Awards: The Premier Award for Interior Design Excellence and Innovation.

Client:                          Lend Lease

Location:                     Flemington Rd Melbourne, VIC

Photography:              Mike Baker

“The artwork creates a sense of mapping through the aerial view of the Bay’s topography to engender a strong sense of place. The boat-studded water cradled between the two great trees is a reminder of the harbour, so close yet not visible from the heart of Double Bay.” Jade Oakley

NCA Creative Place Strategy

NCA Creative Place Strategy


The National Capital Authority (NCA) engaged Creative Road to prepare a Place Making Activation Strategy for key sites located within the Parliamentary Zone in Canberra. The objective was to research and identify opportunities and potential partnerships to enhance the role of these open spaces as world class cultural destinations.

Creative Road's role included facilitating a creative lab to workshop ideas and collaborations with key stakeholders.  Our strategy included creative and easily implementable activation concepts for priority sites. Projects were detailed and illustrated and benchmarked by Australian and international projects.

Client:                   National Capital Authority

Location:              Canberra, ACT

“The NCA performs a special role as the trustee of the National Capital and is responsible for administering and reviewing the National Capital Plan, the object of which is to ensure that Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory are planned and developed in accordance with their national significance.” NCA website

North Sydney CBD

North Sydney Entry

Missing Corners by Daniel Templeman


Missing Corners is a striking new entrance statement for North Sydney, a prominent painted metal and timber sculpture which welcomes passing commuters coming off the Cahill Expressway and Sydney Harbour Bridge. With the soft surface of the timber panels and the open triangular structures, pedestrians are encouraged to take time out, enter, sit and contemplate the work. The simple aesthetic references the interior furnishings of the former church, whilst sitting in contrast to the surrounding buildings of glass and steel.

Creative Road managed an open EOI process, oversaw artist selection and project managed artwork delivery through to installation.

Client:                                   North Sydney Council

Location:                              Pacific Highway, North Sydney NSW

Photography:                       Silversalt Photography

“Where the triangles meet the corners are missing, this creates a singular form that runs in a continuum. Large metal beams are tensioned over many meters, imbuing the artwork with a sense of mystery or impossibility.” Daniel Templeman

Geelong Westfield

Geelong Westfield

The Banksia and the Butcher Bird by Al Stark

This work is inspired by flora and fauna native to the Geelong area - the Silver Banksia and the Grey Butcherbird. Al’s concept is designed to restore a sense of wonder and beauty to the busy laneway entry, inspired by nature and translated for a modern urban setting.

Creative Road were engaged to research suitable artists for the site, present a shortlist for consideration and manage artwork delivery through to completion.

Client: SCentre Group

Location: Geelong, VIC

“I intentionally left space in the work to bring forward the brickwork rather than disguise it.  The super bright reds and oranges used were designed to make the work pop off the wall” Al Stark

River St Woolworths Ballina

River St Woolworths Ballina

Someone's Always Watching You by Digby Moran


Aboriginal artist Digby Moran was commissioned for a Woolworths development in his home town of Ballina.  Moran’s paintings, inspired by his Bundjalung heritage were reinterpreted with help of designer Alex Polo. Two paintings were transformed into a suite of corten steel artwork elements and integrated into the new building façade as window screens and louvres.

Client:                          Woolworths

Location:                     River St, Ballina NSW

Photography:              Tao Jones

“As a boy growing up on an island in the Richmond River a wise old spiritual man once told me “no matter what you do someone’s always watching you”. I never really knew what he meant, but now I’m older and wiser I can see for myself what he was trying to tell me. It was his way of telling me that my ancestors’ spirits will always be with me and around me in everything I do in life.” Digby Moran

Melbourne Docklands

Melbourne Docklands

Blowhole by Duncan Stemler


Standing 15 metres high, Blowhole is one of Australia’s largest kinetic artworks – a mesmerising sight with hundreds of anodised aluminium moving parts. It is a powerful combination of complex engineering and art.  In collaboration with Axel Arnott, Creative Road’s Rebecca Townsend was contracted by Sculpture by the Sea to project manage this major artwork.

Client:                          Melbourne Docklands Authority

Location:                     Blowhole Park Playground, Docklands VIC

"As the wind blows through, armature and cups interact with each other to form a multitude of patterns, colours and shadows. The LED lighting in each coloured “cup” ensures the artwork comes alive at night." Rebecca Townsend, Creative Road

Water Walls Gold Coast

Water Walls

Art Strategy + Program Delivery


Water Walls is a collection of nine contemporary urban artworks on public infrastructure buildings including sewer pump station buildings, water reservoirs and recycled water tanks. Creative Road developed the curatorial framework, proposed appropriate artists and managed artist briefing, selection and project management through to completion.

Artists included Kiel Tillman, Luke Day, Danni Simpson, Sarah Beetson and Go Suga, Leans, Frank and Mimi, Sophia Mary Mac and Andrew Dennis. The project was installed over three weeks and documented by filmmaker Jack Birtles.

Client:                   City of Gold Coast

Location:              Various Locations, Gold Coast QLD

Photography:       Callie Marshall

“The artist brief required integrated artwork concepts specific to the building they were painting.  Integration was also about responding to the themes and stories that are important to the region and the existing meaningful characteristics of a place. Artists were asked to consider the stories that could be told, the curatorial framework and the surrounding natural environment.” Rebecca Townsend, Creative Road

ELS Hall Park Playground North Ryde

ELS Hall Park Playground North Ryde

Habitat Cubbies by Jade Oakley


Habitat Cubbies are climbable sculptures inspired by nature and by the way children interact with their environment. The artwork is both a place for adventurous play and a habitat for imaginative children, honeycombed with cocoon-like spaces to curl up in. The sculptural form is inspired by native flora and habitat logs. Imaginative play is encouraged by the organic, abstract form of the artwork which does not have a prescriptive function.

The concept of connection is integral to the work. The cubbies are situated in a giant nest formed by logs laid over each other on the ground. These logs form pathways for the children to climb along, and integrate the cubbies within the environment. Through organic shapes and natural colours the cubbies are intended to connect children to the natural world. Inspired by the forms and colours of the Australian bush, the cubbies serve to connect the playground to the remnant turpentine ironbark forest on site.

Client:                                   City of Ryde

Location:                              Kent Rd, North Ryde NSW

Photography:                      Carolyn Price

“As part of the community engagement process, I directed workshops on site with local children. The children were able to meet native animals that live on the site, such as a diamond python, ring tailed possum and water dragon.  Older children built nesting boxes and listened to a talk from a habitat ecologist. Working with the children to create animal habitats linked conceptually back to my original intention with the playground; to make a habitat for adventurous children.” Jade Oakley

North Sydney Public Art Master Plan

North Sydney Public Art Master Plan


The North Sydney Public Art Masterplan was initiated by North Sydney Council as part of their vision to shape a progressive, vibrant and diverse North Sydney community.  Creative Road were engaged to provide expertise in reviewing current and potential artwork sites, recognising the different integrated layers and requirements of the project; heritage interpretation, place making, wayfinding, cultural development, cultural tourism and economic development.

Following community consultation, site survey and documentation review, a detailed report was delivered with recommendations for the project’s future development.  Creative Road also provided advice on management of artist selection processes, including review of procurement processes to better suit the commissioning of public artworks.

Client:                   North Sydney Council

Location:              North Sydney, NSW

“The aim of the masterplan is to enhance identity and sense of place. The stories, histories and future development of North Sydney will inform the development of artistic concepts which resonate with the area’s cultural identity.” Rebecca Townsend, Creative Road

Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment

Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment

Art Strategy + Program Delivery

Creative Road has developed the art strategy to guide the delivery of an artworks for the Dubbo Hospital redevelopment. The project vision is to deliver a leading regional art in health program unique to Dubbo and its catchment area communities. Dubbo is a major referral hospital which sits within the largest Local Health District covering a third of the state of NSW.

Artist Fintan Magee has completed two large exterior murals for the hospital’s exterior. Inspired by his time spent with Aboriginal Elders from the region, Fintan’s artworks entitled Meeting Point and Bush Food Still Life create a positive and uplifting first impression for those arriving at the hospital.

All commissioned artworks are scheduled for completion mid-2021.

Client:                   Health Infrastructure NSW

Location:              Dubbo, NSW

“Meeting Point is a portrait of three generations of a Wiradjuri family. This work explores the role of storytelling and dance in the sharing of cultural knowledge between generations. It also highlights the importance of family structures in cultural preservation and identity. The work was created in collaboration with Di McNaboe and Lewis Burns.”

Fintan Magee

Kiaora Lands Redevelopment

Kiaora Lands Redevelopment

The Bay by Jade Oakley


Jade Oakley was engaged to design a signature artwork feature for a new shopping precinct, a joint venture between Woolworths and Woollahra Council. Jade’s design, a 144 square metre sculptural building façade depicts an abstracted interpretation of Double Bay’s iconic geography.

Client:                          Woolworths

Location:                     Kiaora Lane Double Bay, NSW

Photography:              Carolyn Price

“The artwork creates a sense of mapping through the aerial view of the Bay’s topography to engender a strong sense of place. The boat-studded water cradled between the two great trees is a reminder of the harbour, so close yet not visible from the heart of Double Bay.” Jade Oakley