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The Tower Project by MOMO


Renowned American artist MOMO and Creative Road were selected as the winning team in an international competition to deliver a new artwork for Home of the Arts (HOTA), the new cultural precinct on the Gold Coast.  Australian artists Georgia Hill and Elliott Routledge worked alongside MOMO to deliver the large scale work in just two weeks. The project was documented by filmmaker Selina Miles.

The project included MOMO teaching a Practical Geometry Workshop to 20 aspiring Gold Coast artists – all who were eligible for a mentorship and mural commission opportunity.  Gold Coast artist Katie Tooth was selected to develop an interior artwork concept for the HOTA’s interior under the guidance of MOMO and Creative Road.

Client:                   City of Gold Coast

Location:              HOTA, Gold Coast QLD

Photography:       Callie Marshall

"This region is gorgeous. As I adjusted to the sights and summer, I felt I had to make small adjustments in the mural, to be even sunnier and bolder, to try to match what I’ve seen. The fact that you can swim next to the mural is really next level." MOMO