Nepean Hospital Redevelopment



Creative Road delivered the Nepean Hospital Art Strategy in collaboration with BVN Architects to ensure art and architecture work in harmony for the $2b state significant hospital redevelopment. The vision was to identify how art can contribute to the hospital site, imbuing it with a unique identity and sense of place.

Artist Nicola Moss developed artwork to feature on the walls and corridors of the hospital, using inspiration from species and landforms characteristic of the Blue Mountains region to create a series of motifs, silhouettes and broad forms layered to create a welcoming environment. Workshops were facilitated by designer and visual artist Nicole Law, providing participants and opportunity to engage in print making and collage work to create framed artwork pieces for the hospital walls.

" ‘Shine’ is uplifting artwork that encourages viewers to literally look up and think of nature. The artwork will bring sunshine and nature into the hospital rooms and create a harmonious, dramatic canopy to the courtyard garden and more intimate views from adjacent communal spaces. ‘Shine’ is a healing, peaceful visage that represents light, healing and nature while forming strong links to the local Blue Mountains landscape.” Jade Oakley