Lachlan's Line Sydney

Lachlan's Line

Skipping Stones by Jade Oakley

Skipping Stones evokes memories of water, play and interaction. The installation of 22 hand cast concrete stones, etched with native fauna and scattered around a reflective creek, is part of a new residential development at Macquarie Park in Sydney. The work encourages interaction especially for children and creates strong ties with the local landscape.

Creative Road worked with Jade Oakley to manage complex artwork logistics from prototyping to fabrication and installation of the various material components.  The final work incorporates programmed in ground lighting, bespoke metal grates and a bridge element.

Client:                   Greenland Australia

Location:              Macquarie Park, NSW

Photography:       Silversalt Photography

“Rather than creating an obvious wide and straight path between the stones, I have allowed for access in a meandering way, so that it is as though people become the water, flowing between the stones.”

Jade Oakley