Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Sky Garden by Jade Oakley


Jade Oakley was commissioned to produce an ambitious large-scale public artwork for the Royal Children’s Hospital main foyer and atrium.  Technically challenging, at nine and a half meters across by four meters high and comprising five mobile elements, the work is 50 times the size of the artist’s model and is fabricated from stainless steel and hand painted perforated aluminium. The Hospital was awarded the most prestigious prize in the 2012 Australian Interior Design Awards: The Premier Award for Interior Design Excellence and Innovation.

Client:                          Lend Lease

Location:                     Flemington Rd Melbourne, VIC

Photography:              Mike Baker

“The artwork creates a sense of mapping through the aerial view of the Bay’s topography to engender a strong sense of place. The boat-studded water cradled between the two great trees is a reminder of the harbour, so close yet not visible from the heart of Double Bay.” Jade Oakley