ELS Hall Park Playground North Ryde

ELS Hall Park Playground North Ryde

Habitat Cubbies by Jade Oakley


Habitat Cubbies are climbable sculptures inspired by nature and by the way children interact with their environment. The artwork is both a place for adventurous play and a habitat for imaginative children, honeycombed with cocoon-like spaces to curl up in. The sculptural form is inspired by native flora and habitat logs. Imaginative play is encouraged by the organic, abstract form of the artwork which does not have a prescriptive function.

The concept of connection is integral to the work. The cubbies are situated in a giant nest formed by logs laid over each other on the ground. These logs form pathways for the children to climb along, and integrate the cubbies within the environment. Through organic shapes and natural colours the cubbies are intended to connect children to the natural world. Inspired by the forms and colours of the Australian bush, the cubbies serve to connect the playground to the remnant turpentine ironbark forest on site.

Client:                                   City of Ryde

Location:                              Kent Rd, North Ryde NSW

Photography:                      Carolyn Price

“As part of the community engagement process, I directed workshops on site with local children. The children were able to meet native animals that live on the site, such as a diamond python, ring tailed possum and water dragon.  Older children built nesting boxes and listened to a talk from a habitat ecologist. Working with the children to create animal habitats linked conceptually back to my original intention with the playground; to make a habitat for adventurous children.” Jade Oakley