NSW Forensic Medicine + Coroners’ Court

NSW Forensic Medicine + Coroners' Court

Mangrove by Jade Oakley


Mangrove is a suspended kinetic sculpture designed for the atrium foyer space of this important new civic building. In such a setting, it is important that the artwork responds to the gravitas of its environment. The sculpture will be visually harmonious, calming, peaceful, serving to welcome visitors to the court and improve the visual amenity for staff.

Towering ceilings and abundant natural light from the glass façade will be a striking feature of the Coroners Court foyer. Mangrove is designed to take full advantage of this natural light.

Mangroves are resilient trees, able to tolerate huge variations in salinity and temperature, coping with being flooded with sea water, living in waterlogged mud. Mangroves also shelter forms of life, providing a habitat for insects, crabs, molluscs and fish. Mangrove forests protect coastlines from erosion and storm damage.  Through the poetry of association with its namesake, Mangrove gains the connotations of resilience, shelter and protection.

Client:                  Watpac

Location:              Lidcombe NSW

Photography:       Carolyn Price


“The artwork’s organic palette is reminiscent of mangroves and the estuarine flora of the Duck and Parramatta rivers. Ochres and greens have been allowed to blend and swirl together, reminiscent of river water.” Jade Oakley