National Taiwan University Cancer Centre

National Taiwan University Cancer Centre

Kingdom of Butterflies by Jade Oakley


Jade Oakley’s latest kinetic mobile was commissioned for a long, double height, curved corridor at the heart of the new hospital.  Suspended above visitors’ heads, the artwork is uplifting and transformative, bringing to mind memories of time spent in nature.  The butterflies are painted in harmonious greens in a gentle colour gradation from turquoise to new growth green. 30 mobiles hang at a variety of heights so they appear to flutter along the corridor as through a meadow.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. In Chinese mythology, a green butterfly is a symbol of good and also represents love. This artwork takes its name from Taiwan, which is also known as the “Kingdom of Butterflies”. The butterflies in the mobile are inspired by the Catopsilia Pomona butterfly, which thrive abundantly in Taiwan.

Client:                                   Dimension Endowment of Art

Location:                              Taipei, Taiwan

“As the mobiles are designed to move, the effect of the butterfly installation will be one of gentle, constant movement, similar to watching the leaves of a tree flutter softly in the breeze, or dappled sunlight shifting in a garden. Observing gentle movement is a calming and meditative experience, which is appropriate for a place of healing.” Jade Oakley