Polaris North Sydney

Polaris North Sydney

Untitled by Leans


Creative Road were engaged by Parkview Constructions to prepare an artist shortlist and commission a contemporary urban art treatment for their Polaris development in North Sydney’s CBD.

Brisbane based artist Leans was selected for the commission and developed an artwork concept to transform the existing laneway into an interactive space. Through the use of optical illusions, the artwork morphs and twist with each step the viewer takes.

The hand painted artwork has been applied to wall and ceiling surfaces of the laneway and public thoroughfare of the rear of the Polaris building, integrated with doors, downpipes and other architectural elements in space.

Client:                                   Parkview Constructions

Location:                              154 Pacific Highway North Sydney

Photography:                      Silversalt

"The artwork collaborates with the building’s architecture and allows the existing structures to go beyond their previous identity. Through the use of optical illusions from specific standpoints, the piece morphs and twists with each step the viewer takes, engaging the notion of movement and progression. No matter what side/angle/lens/filter the public will look at the piece through, each person will be able to take something different from it and interpret in their own way." Leans