One O'Connell St Sydney

One O'Connell St

Wintergarden by Jade Oakley


Wintergarden is a site specific kinetic artwork designed for the building’s unique atria. It provides an elegant and natural aesthetic, complimenting interior finishes and harnessing the natural sunlight within the space.  As sunlight shines through a glass ceiling above, the translucent mobile leaf shaped elements are illuminated like a stained glass window.

The artist’s aim was to achieve a sense of lightness. The design of the mobile echoes the splayed feathers of a bird’s wing or the shape of vine, fern, water and shell through pattern, repetition and variation of form. Like interlocking bird’s wings, the mobiles suggest ascent and through joyful colours and flamboyant composition they hint at celebration.

Client:                                   Lend Lease

Location:                              1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW

Photography:                       Carolyn Price

This mobile is an acrobat, balanced balletic upon a single point. The deliberately oversized loops of the balance fittings between the cross pieces reference this association. The mobile carries a sense of the impossible; a small mobile in the rotunda balances a much larger mobile in the atrium.” Jade Oakley