Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport


Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne engaged Creative Road to manage the commissioning of a $1m large scale kinetic artwork for a 1km site along Melbourne Airport’s new extension road – Airport Drive, Tullamarine.  Our role included preparing a strategy, artist shortlist and managing the artist selection process.

Australian artists Matthew Harding, Marion Borgelt, Simeon Nelson and Alexander Knox were engaged to prepare artwork concepts to create a sense of place and narrative for the area. Matthew Harding’s work Volare was selected as the winning concept however the project was suspended due to funding issues.

Client:                   Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne

Location:              Melbourne, VIC

We all wish to fly in some way… body, mind, spirit…my concept offers a metaphor for our transit, our comings and goings, our arrivals and destinations and our greater journey throughout life. Airports are portals to other worlds, other people, places and time. They are windows that offer a different view to the world we inhabit and are familiar with. They are as much a gateway to our city as they are a gateway to the imagination.” Matthew Harding