Dorrigo Town Centre

Dorrigo Town Centre

Water Cloud by Stuart Green

A large-scale public artwork is being proposed for the main street of Dorrigo, a town of approximately 1000 residents in the Bellingen Shire, NSW. Dorrigo sits 731 metres above sea level and is known for its world heritage listed national park and waterfalls.

The project is being funded by a local philanthropist and long-time resident who is passionate about revitalising the town centre and promoting cultural tourism. Creative Road have been engaged to oversee all aspects of the project through to practical completion.

Three professional public artists – Belinda Smith, Braddon Snape and Stuart Green - developed concepts for a large-scale, eye-catching contemporary sculpture referencing Dorrigo's natural environment. The selection panel which comprised Dorrigo residents, artists and Bellingen Shire’s mayor - selected Stuart Green's Water Cloud.

Client: Private Collector

Location: Dorrigo, NSW

“The artwork seeks to make the dynamism of water - the character and quality of its movement - visible in the form of the artwork. It seeks to show a sliding and slippery surface that is bundled up into its own energetic knot. Through the artwork, we hope to convey something of the enduring and universal character of water".”

Stuart Green