Edward St Brisbane 20 July 2018

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Edward St Brisbane

Art Strategy


Creative Road developed a public art strategy and artist shortlist for a high end retail precinct in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. This project was about distinguishing a key section of Edward Street, enhancing its reputation and building its future international standing as a unique destination. The quality and originality of the public art commissioned aimed to create an unforgettable retail experience, reinforcing a growing precinct character of sophistication, quality and high fashion.

Client:              Brisbane City Council

Location:         Edward St, Brisbane QLD

“Set to become one of the great retail fashion destinations of the Asia Pacific region, the Edward Street upgrade will be distinguished by a confluence of sophisticated art and design. The allure of high fashion and elegant – sometimes edgy – contemporary art, will capture an audience hungry for the high fashion experience and ready for the intrigue of finely integrated, unexpected art interventions.” Bronwen Colman, Creative Road.